Muon Accelerator Program 2015 Spring Workshop

18-22 May 2015
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois, USA

The goal of this meeting is to summarize work carried out by the Muon Accelerator Program over the past three years to enable high energy physics capabilities based on muon accelerator technology. There will also be dedicated time to discuss how efforts in this area will evolve within the General Accelerator R&D portfolio as recommended by the P5 panel.

The workshop will consist of plenary sessions which will review the recent advances in accelerator design and technology required to enable muon capabilities, the physics potential for precision muon and neutrino sources as well as muon colliders based on these capabilities, and the concepts for a staged deployment of these capabilities. A particular focus will be the start of operation of the MICE Experiment at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK.

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Organizing Committee

  • Daniel Kaplan (IIT, Co-Chair)
  • Vladimir Shiltsev (Fermilab, Co-Chair)

Program Committee

  • Alan Bross (Fermilab)
  • Jean-Pierre Delahaye (SLAC)
  • Daniel Kaplan (IIT)
  • Mark Palmer (Fermilab)
  • Robert Ryne (LBNL)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Maura Barone
  • Daniel Bowring
  • Ao Liu
  • Melody Saperston
  • Elaine Sivak

Session conveners

  • Production of High Intensity Muon Beams
       Convener: Diktys Stratakis
  • Cooling for High Brightness Muon Beams
       Convener: Pavel Snopok
  • Muon Acceleration Techniques
       Convener: J. Scott Berg
  • Muon Storage Ring Technology (NF and MC)
       Conveners: Alex Bogacz, Yuri Alexahin
  • MICE Construction and Experiment
       Conveners: Alan Bross, Pierrick Hanlet
  • MTA Experimental Program
       Conveners: Yagmur Torun, Katsuya Yonehara