White Papers to Accelerator R&D Panel, October 2014

Muon Accelerator R&D

  • Muon Accelerator R&D Issues , MAP Management
    This white paper provides an overview of several topics of fundamental importance to muon accelerators that may be suitable for support in the GARD portfolio after the conclusion of the Muon Accelerator Program effort.

Muon-based Neutrino Beams

  • The Case for Muon-based Neutrino Beams , P. Huber (VT), A. Bross (FNAL), M. Palmer (FNAL)
    This white paper describes the key issues affecting the sensitivities and systematic uncertainties for planned neutrino oscillation experiments and the role that muon-based neutrino beams can play in ensuring our ability to make precision measurements.
    MAP-doc-4399 and FERMILAB-FN-0991-APC

Muon Beams

  • Fundamental Aspects of Muon Beams , J.P.Delahay(SLAC) and R.D.Ryne (LBNL)
    This white paper describes activities whose primary goal is to perform beam dynamics studies to explore the limits of concepts through advanced simulations and theory for the generation and manipulation of muon beams.

MuCool Test Area

  • Normal-Conducting RF Cavity R&D at the MuCool Test Area , D. Bowring (FNAL), K. Yonehara (FNAL), Y. Torun (IIT)
    This white paper describes the unique combination of capabilities of the MTA facility, which represents a unique resource for the field of RF research. The authors also describe a plan to complete critical elements of the MTA program as part of a balanced portfolio for medium- and long-term general accelerator R&D.

Last modified: 10/24/2014