David B. Cline

We mourn the loss of our close colleague and friend David Cline. David was a stalwart supporter of muon beam applications for high energy physics and will be sorely missed by our community.

Posted: 7/10/2015

Progress towards muon accelerator capabilities

Mark Palmer, director of the Muon Accelerator Program, wrote this column.

Last week, as part of the Muon Accelerator Program (MAP) Spring Collaboration Meeting at Fermilab, many of us were privileged to hear a seminar by Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia. He described his vision for developing muon accelerator capabilities in support of a muon-based Higgs factory. A major thrust of his seminar was to emphasize the need to complete a demonstration of muon ionization cooling.

Muon ionization cooling is a method to reduce the transverse and longitudinal sizes of a muon beam to the dimensions required for future muon accelerators. For the past three years, the MAP collaboration has targeted the key demonstrations required to realize muon ionization cooling.

Posted: 5/27/2015

MAP 2015 Collaboration Meeting

The next MAP Collaboration Meeting will be held at Fermilab, May 18-22, 2015.
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Posted: 04/01/2015





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