Organization Chart

High Level MAP organization
Top Level MAP organization (click for larger version, pdf)

MAP Level 1 and Level 2 Organization Chart
MAP Level 1 and Level 2 Management Structure
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MAP is a national organization set up by the Fermilab Director to conduct muon accelerator R&D and report to the Office of High Energy Physics at the U.S. Department of Energy. Technical advice for the Program is provided to the Fermilab Director by the Muon Program Advisory Committee (MuPAC). The program is run by the MAP Program Director who receives technical and policy advice from an Institutional Board and a group of R&D Advisory Panels. The program is managed within four "Level 1" sub-tasks: Design and Simulations, Technology Development, Systems Tests and MICE Construction. Each Level 1 task is then managed within a number of Level 2 sub-tasks.

Last modified: 01/03/2014