Technology Development

The MUCOOL Test Facility (MTA) is located at the end of the Fermilab 400 MeV Linac, and was designed to facilitate tests of Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider subsystem components in general, and components for muon cooling channel in particular. This unique accelerator R&D facility provides power for radiofrequency cavities at 2 frequencies (201MHz and 805MHz), a 5T solenoid which can accommodate an 805MHz cavity within its bore, cryogenic support, liquid hydrogen handling capability, and a beam from the linac.

The design and simulation studies establish what the various accelerator subsystems, and their components, must do. Some of the components required for Neutrino Factories and Muon Colliders are beyond the present state-of-art. Hence within MAP there is a technology development program to prototype and test the most demanding components: those whose performance is beyond what has been done before. Muon Colliders are particularly challenging. The technologies that require R&D include radiofrequency cavities that operate in strong magnetic fields, high field solenoid magnets with unusual geometries (twisted into a helix), very high field solenoid magnets, possibly using high temperature superconductors, and liquid mercury jet proton targets, with the jet injected into a high field solenoid.

Last modified: 08/23/2010